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Princess Yuna begins her own adventures in Equestria and beyond its realm along with all of her friends. But then, Bill Cipher, Grogar, and many more evil will seek any dark purposes from one world to another and steal any powerful artifacts and items to rule one universe to another with Armageddon and Weirdmageddon. But with some help from friends they can trust and the Journals of Ford Pines, Yuna and her friends will accomplished everything to restore peace in all worlds.


  1. Mumfie's Equestrian Journey
  2. Mumfie's Everlasting Quest
  3. The Tale of The SquarePants Master Ship Builders
  4. The Magic of Friendship
  5. The Night to Remember

T.V. SeriesEdit

  1. Yuna's Princess Adventure
  2. Luster Dawn meets Thomas and Friends
  3. Power Rangers Harmony Force
  4. Princess Yuna and Friends' Amazing Escapades
  5. Skyla's Zootopia Adventure
  6. Portal Glow's Angry Birds Adventure
  7. Dipper and Mabel's Disneyland Adventure
  8. Jimmy Neutron's Nicktropolis Adventure
  9. Scrappy-Doo's CN City Adventure
  10. The Legend of Po and Korra
  11. SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure
  12. The Littlest Pets and the PAW Patrol
  13. Mickey's Magical Adventure
  14. Shrek's Foreverlasting Adventure
  15. The Wubbulous Adventures of Blue's Clues
  16. Corn & Peg's Wubbulous Adventures of Blue's Clues & You!
  17. The Equestrian Adventures of Mumfie
  18. Mumfie's Amazing Escapades
  19. Luster Dawn's N. Sane and Reignited Adventure with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro
  20. The Chronicles of Skylands and Equestria
  21. My Little Pony: Friendship and Noah are Magic
  22. Noah Sparkle's Adventures on the Dinosaur Train
  23. Noah Sparkle's Amazing Escapades
  24. Mickey Mouse and Friends' Amazing Escapades
  25. SpongeBob SquarePants and Friends' Amazing Escapades
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