Here is how the Shadows attack and Mumfie saves Twilight and her friends in Mumfie's Equestrian Journey.

That night, Queen Novo honored their old and new friends with a banquet for their arrival.

Queen Novo: (tapping her glass with a spoon) Can I have everyone, everypony, and every creature's attention please?

Mumfie: Quiet, everyone, everypony, and every creature!

Queen Novo: (as everyone paid attention and she looked at Mumfie) Thank you, Mumfie. (clears her throat) Now that I have everyone, everypony, and every creature's attention, I would like to honor the arrival of Prince Derek, Princess Odette, and company, especially Mumfie and his Alliance of Friendship. So, let's enjoy the occasion for tonight.

Mumfie: Cheers!

As they all raised their glasses of their drinks, Mumfie was glad to shared his honor.

Silverstream: Best Banquet Ever!

Princess Skystar: Woohoo!

But suddenly, one of the shadow demonss snatched Twilight and her friends out of nowhere.

Twilight Sparkle: Help!

Mumfie: Don't worry, Twilight. I'll save you!

With a few tricks up his sleeves, Mumfie used the bright light spell to take out the shadow demons one by one.

Mumfie: That takes care of them.

So, he ran up to Twilight to see if she's okay.

Mumfie: Are you alright, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: I'm okay, Mumfie.

Queen Novo: What just happened!?

Louis: Those shadows were attacking, they belong to the Shadow Man.

Puffin: You mean the one that Mickey Mouse and his friends faced?

Louis: Yes.

Twilight Sparkle: But at least we're all safe, thanks to Mumfie.

With Mumfie being thanked by Twilight and her friends, that got him thinking about being special.