Prince Isamu

Prince Isamu (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is Prince Hiro and Princess Luna's son, Princess Solarna, Princess Yuna and Princess Snowdrop's baby brother and Princess Celestia's nephew.


Princess YunaEdit

After Yuna recovered at the hospital, She went to see her own baby brother, Prince Isamu. Luna introduced her to him, And she was happy to be the big sister.


While Yuna was recovered in the hospital, Snowdrop was happy to hear the sound of her healthy baby brother, Prince Isamu.

Princess SolarnaEdit

After Isamu was born, Solarna was happy to have a baby brother. When needed, She offered to help babysit Isamu along with Yuna and her friends.

Princess LunaEdit

When Isamu was born, Luna was so happy that she gave birth to him. Isamu thinks that his mother was pretty and beautiful. Luna was also playing with Isamu like giving multiple kisses, hide and seek and blowing raspberry on his belly just like she play with Yuna when she was a baby filly. Yuna, Solarna and Snowdrop also helps her mother do with Isamu.


After Luna gave birth to Isamu, Hiro could see a brighter future in store for his newborn son.

Princess CelestiaEdit

After her younger sister, Princess Luna, gave birth to Prince Isamu, Princess Celestia was happy to have a nephew. When needed, She helps out Luna with Isamu anytime.

Prince Indy and Princess AnnaEdit

After Princess Celestia gave birth to Prince Indy and Princess Anna, Isamu was happy to have cousins to play with.

Jessie BannonEdit

After Princess Luna gave birth to Isamu, Jessie Bannon was amazed to see him.

Princess CadanceEdit

After Princess Luna gives birth to Isamu, Princess Cadance was delighted to see him. When Isamu turns into 1 month old colt, he plays with Cadance and her baby, Prince Tyrone.

Prince TyroneEdit

After Princess Cadance gave birth to Prince Tyrone, Isamu was so happy to have his new playmate. When Yuna and Snowdrop are having a sleepover at the Crystal Empire, Isamu was playing with Tyrone.