Here is how the heroes are inside Drill-X in Legend of the Giants.

Soon enough, Twilight, SpongeBob, Mickey, Thomas, Mumfie and their friends are at one piece with the Skylanders.

Mumfie: Well, At least we'll know where the giant drill is now.

Flynn: Wowsers! I am so glad we took care of those nasty sky pirates!

Seraphina: Yes, yes! Our gun help make them go away!

Cali: I just hope there's still time to stop Kaos and his giant drill.

Flynn: Well, Cali, I think you'll find that with Captain Flynn at the helm, anything is possible.

Cali: Great. But who's steering the ship right now?

Flynn: Oh boy, not again!

Launchpad McQuack: (chuckles) And I thought I was a best crash lander.

Scrooge McDuck: (palm faced) Curse Me Kilt!

Twilight Sparkle: Alright, Let's put a stop to the giant drill.

Mumfie: It won't be easy, But we must stop Kaos, Merlock and the others from conquering Skylands.

Wallflower Blush: You got that right, Mumfie. After all, What they need is to see is a dentist.

Iago: I found the giant drill Kaos is using!

Trixie: Way to go, Iago.

Mumfie: Lead the way.

Iago: Okay, Let's go.

So, Iago led them to where the big drill is.

At last, Twilight, SpongeBob, Mickey, Thomas, Mumfie, their friends and the Skylanders were led by Iago to the location.

Iago: Here we are.

Flynn: Wow! This is quite a drill factory. Just look at the size of this place. All these gadgets and spinning thingies. Just think of the work that went into building it. I'm impressed. I mean, you still need to destroy it. But still... very impressive. Reminds me of me. BOOM!

Grubber: Does he always say something like that?

Pop Fizz: Pretty Much, Grubber.

Jet-Vac: You'll get used to it.

Fizzlepop Berrytwist: Let's just get this over with.

Flynn: Okay to the big drill we go!

But before this ship docked itself, Drill-X uses one of it drills sending the ship along with the heroes spinning off course.

SpongeBob SquarePants: AAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Jean-Bob: I'm going to be sick.

With quick thinking, Mirage worked his magic to teleport the ship from it.

Mirage the Illusionist: There we go.

So, Everyone had to continue on to destroy the factory.

Rarity: Let's just hope we don't run into any evil trolls.

Boomer: You said it, Rarity.

Donald Duck: Come on, Let's find the council.

Goofy: Wait for me!

Donald Duck: Come on!

Soon, They avoid many obstacles and face many evil minions.

Po: Take this! Hiya! (took out a lot of trolls)

SpongeBob SquarePants: (in his karate gear) Safety first.

Sandy Cheeks: Hey, Squidward! Heads Up!

Squidward Tentacles: Uh-oh! (gets buried in the crystals)

Sandy Cheeks: Squidward, You okay?

Then, We see a bunch of crystals that pinned Squidward to the floor.

Squidward Tentacles: What am I target to them?

So, Prism Break helped him out.

Prism Break: Come on, We should be getting close by now.

Spyro: And when we get there, I'm ready to give Kaos a taste of his own medicine.

Boog: Way ahead of ya, Spyro.

As they came far suddenly, Drill-X appeared out of nowhere.


It's the end of the track, Skylanders and friends!
This drill-bot is on the scene!
I'll knock you forward and back
with a robo attack
'cause you're messing with the wrong machine!

Elliot: Oh boy.

Scrooge McDuck: Bless Me Bagpipes! Is that machine singing?!

As Dril-X tried to drill the Skylanders, They fought him off.

Spyro: You missed, Metal brain.

Grubber: (blows raspberry)

With Drill-X ticked off, He couldn't stand getting himself defeated.


You don't stand a chance, Skylanders and friends!
Even though you won that round...
'Cause the power won't drop
And my drillin' won't stop
'til the City of Arkus is found!

Patrick Star: Oh no you don't!

As Somnambula gives Patrick Star a lift, He was ready for a slam down on Drill-X, but the Drill-X slam him down to the floor.

Patrick Star: Ouch!

Then, SpongeBob ran up to Patrick.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Patrick, Are you okay? Speak to me, Buddy!

Patrick Star: Where's the leak ma'am?

As for the Skylanders, They had to try to weak Drill-X some more.

Terrafin: Let's teach that guy a lesson.

The Skylanders were about done with Drill-X, He couldn't stand them any longer.


Hold on, time out, Skylanders and friends!
There's something up with my drill.
But you better watch out,
You'll be down for the count
When I show you my smashing skills!

SpongeBob SquarePants: I don't get why he keeps singing like that.

Ocellus: We have got to stop that machine, Someone or Somepony could bet hurt!

Emily: But how?

Drill Sergeant: Do anyone suppose it come with an on and off switch?

Grubber: What do you mean, Drill Sergeant?

Jet-Vac: What he means, Grubber, Is a weakness on Drill-X.

Yona: Yak give smash to Drill Bot!

Terrafin: Then let's start our teamwork, Yona!

Yona: Yak ready for teamwork with shark.

Capper: Well then here comes that drill!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Now!

Twilight Sparkle: Hold on!

With one shot of Jet-Vac's air blaster, Yona smashed Drill-X's drill.


What did you do, Skylanders and friends?!
You've all just won the final round!
I can't keep the beat
I'm feeling defeat,
And my systems are all shutting down...

At last, Drill-X was no more after falling off the platform.

Ocellus: Good riddance.

Scrooge McDuck: Alright, Everyone, Let's get out of here and find Kaos.

So, They set off to find where Kaos is going.