Gus Bachman Turner

Augustus Bachmann Turner (or "Gus" or even his favourite nickname, "The G-Man") (voiced by Rupert Degas) is a character in the animated television series Robotboy.

Gus is overweight, weak-willed, neurotic, red-headed, gluttonous, gross, jerkish, small-brain and selfish the very opposite of Tommy. He is Tommy's friend and a self proclaimed action hero and leader of the group. He is an attention seeker and tries to show off most of the time by pulling practical jokes on anyone close to him. However, most of these tricks backfire and often get him in trouble. He also boasts about many skills that he claims to have, but obviously doesn't. But despite all his faults, and his regular, but terrible practical jokes, he’s still one of Tommy’s best friends. An interesting note about Gus is that despite the fact that he claims himself as "cool", he lives in an old fashion house with his old fashioned parents (who dress in nineteenth century clothing). In spite of (or maybe even because of) his strict upbringing, Gus can be very greedy and selfish at times.


  • Gus Bachman Turner will meet Princess Yuna and her friends in ????.