Here is how Princess Yuna and her friends exit the castle in The Wrath of Oogie Boogie.

Back with Yuna and the others, they were hot on the trail to escape.

Princess Yuna: Exit, this way!

Winnie: Lead the way, Yuna!

Just before they could reach the exit, Enraged, the house became a maze.

Monster House: (roars)

Princess Yuna: We have to hurry! Now!

Benjamin Hood: Let's get out of here!

As fast as they could, they were hot on the trail to escape.

Eclipse Smith: Look, we have got on the vehicles!

Apple Bloom (Human): And hurry!

With quick thinking, Yuna and her friends got their vehicles and started their engines.

Princess Solarna: (to K.I.T.T.) KITT, get us out of here!

K.I.T.T.: (as Ecto-88) Hold on tight!

Fizzlepop Berrytwist: This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

At last, the chase is on as the Monster House begins it's chase.

Natasha Hood: Must go faster!

Just then, the Indoraptor was discovered as Yuna and the others hid behind the artifacts.

Princess Yuna: Run!

Carl Wheezer: Where!?

Blue Star: Anywhere!

They were just find their escape route, it tracked them down with it's keen since of smell.

Princess Flurry Heart: I don't like this!

Princess Solarna: Need a lift?

So, Yuna and the others frantically get on the vehicles as they try to make for the exit.

Princess Yuna: Ha! I think we lost them.

Suddenly, the chase is on while Yuna and the others quickly drive away from them.

Princess Yuna: Or not.

Princess Skyla: Step on it, Capper!

Capper: Hang tight, Y'all! We're blowing this popsicles stand!

Eclipse Smith: Go!

Capper shifts gears on the Flying Ford Anglia and speeds up.

Just as the Haunted Train, Demon 311, the Car, the Killdozer, and the Haunted Car caught up, the group had to use ice orbs.

Clinchfield 311: (Demon 311) You can run, but you can’t hide!

But as they froze by ice orbs, they got ahead start away from them.

Princess Yuna: Fire!

One by one, the Haunted Train, Demon 311, the Car, the Killdozer, and the Haunted Car froze.

Eclipse Smith: Yes!

Toby Smith: That'll stop them!

After escaping, Rarity had to say something to Yuna.

Rarity (Human): Yuna, I have to say something.

Princess Yuna: Yes, Rarity?

Rarity (Human): I am so sorry for disbelieving in ghost stories. I thought those are a bunch of childish nonsense, but they were some that does exists.

Princess Yuna: It's fine, Rarity.

Then, Yuna begins to realize how relyable Dennis and Winnie are with their help.

Princess Yuna: Dennis, Winnie, we need your help.

Dennis: Sure, Yuna, how can we help?

Princess Yuna: We can crash those villains' party and send them right back where they crawled out of.

Benjamin Hood: Sounds like a plan!

And so, they make ready to put their plan into action.