Creepox (voiced by Mark Mitchinson) is one of the seven chief enemies of the Power Rangers Megaforce and a main antagonist of Megaforce during its first arc. He is the mantis-like powerhouse of Warstar and stands out as Malkor's main elite among the Insectoids, ranking as their second-in-command. Among the Insectoids, he holds up his title as "The Mightiest of All Insectoids", although his superior, Malkor, surpasses him in power.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Meteor Shot: Creepox launches a single meteor in the air and have it to hit his opponents directly in front of him. The orb is extremely hot and cannot be blocked by anything for long.
  • Scattered Energy Bullets: Creepox launches a barrage of small, but fast-moving energy shots and has them swoop down his enemies, obliterating them and the immediate vicinity.
  • Galaxy Meteor Shots: Creepox can muster a large galaxy-like purple orb and fire a massive barrage of energy projectiles to take down his enemies with the might of a raging galaxy.
  • Final Burst: Creepox focuses all of his energy into a single flaming orb that rivals or exceeds any countering technique.
  • Sickle Strike: Creepox emits a sharp, brown-hued blade at his foes and slices them apart on the spot or tosses them away, causing massive and eventually fatal damage.
  • Super Speed: Creepox can move extremely fast for short periods of time, using such short bursts to rapidly trounce and catch an adversary by surprise during battle.
  • Heightened Agility: Creepox is able to move to dodge any attacks while moving at high speeds, allowing him to avert damage through fast collisions.
  • Extreme Resiliency: Creepox's shelled skin is a natural armor to most attacks and provides him ultimate durability, regardless of the circumstances.
  • High Stamina: Creepox can continue to fight for long periods of time without tiring out, which enables him to outlast those against him if overpowering them is not an immediate option.
  • Rage Overflow: Creepox can strengthen himself by angering himself, triggering a brief but astonishing rise in power and skill.