Bigs (voiced by Charlie McDermott)  is a blob-like Toxic Mutant recruited as a general by Admiral Malkor through Vrak's behalf and is one of the leaders of the Toxic Mutants along with his cohort and best friend, Bluefur. Bigs is a main antagonist during the second arc of Power Rangers Megaforce and one of the chief evil seven up against the Mega Rangers. Bigs tends to be overly goofy and joyous, he is highly ecstatic with teaming up with Admiral Malkor and Vrak, and greatly respects his fellow Toxic Mutant Brethren. He is also has a very strong friendship with Bluefur.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Toxic Fireball: Bigs combines his cane with Bluefur's club and they collectively launch a mighty purple-hued flaming orb at their enemies by combining their energy.
  • Aurora Blast: Bigs has Bluefur to position himself behind him while he charges energy within his twin staffs in order to aim a focused energy blast in the shape of the Toxic Mutant badge.
  • Ultra Scmultra: After being strengthened, Bigs raises his combat prowess to the same level as the Ultra Mode.
  • Energy Drain: Bigs can absorb the energy from the weapons of the Mega Rangers.
  • Flexibility: Bigs can easily avert damage by rubbering hits off.
  • Shapeshifting: Bigs can mold his own body at will, adjusting shape and size and making him impervious to physical assault.
  • Alliance Proning: Bigs is willing to avenge himself of humanity alongside Bluefur due to their disregard to their own species and allies with diplomacy beside Admiral Malkor through Vrak's behalf in order to do so since, once success is achieved, Insectoids and Mutants would co-rule Earth.
  • Weaponry Resourcefulness: Bigs has a vast arsenal of his own, including a cane and two twin staffs, all of which is increased when the Wild Sword and the Aurora Box are placed into question.
  • Ring Lash: Bigs can use his won body to entangle his foes within an inescapable tight spot.
  • Toxin Production: Since his own body is made of slime, Bigs can poison all life by mass producing noxious fumes and scattering them, with deadly health effects to all those who come in contact with it, except for his own race.