Admiral Malkor

Admiral Malkor (voiced by Campbell Cooley) is the leader of Warstar and the main antagonist in Power Rangers Megaforce. Like all Insectoids, he is based on well-known insect species; in his case, the moth.

Malkor balances power and intelligence quite equally and retains his composure in the face of adversity, at times going as far as praise his enemies when they prove worthy opponents to him or to his forces, a trait belonging uniquely to him among Power Rangers villains. He is a general and admiral of the Armada. He is sent to try to take over earth for the armada, so they may come and destroy it easily. This plan,however, fails.

Unlike his servants, specially his elites, he is mostly humble and modest and optimizes himself as leader of the Insectoids by combining intelligence greater than that of Vrak with strength higher than that of Creepox.

As a wise leader, he does not make the common mistake of overlooking flaws in the plots of his cohorts, always expecting the progress of an insect invasion and the formulation of a full-proof strategy as the conquest of a world advances, recognizing a changing of tactics as the proper way to proceed if usual onslaughts are ineffective in the long run or if his enemies strengthen themselves at the ensuing war.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Meteor Shower: Malkor can launch multiple meteors in the air and have them to strike down his enemies.
  • Planet Strike: Malkor can create miniature-sized, energy-based planets and fire them directly at his enemies.
  • Arsenal Disabler: Malkor can disable the morphers of the Power Rangers with a beam of specific frequency.
  • Element Absorption: Malkor can use this ability to take hold of a water attack with his hand and throw it back at his foe.
  • Energy Deflection: Malkor can capture laser attacks, make them stronger, and throw them back.
  • Laser Vision: Malkor can fire a massive laser attack from his eyes.
  • Cosmic Stream: Malkor can fire a powerful laser attack from his wings that is capable of vaporizing the Rangers' zords.
  • Starburst Shockwave: Malkor can fire intense shockwaves that excel in both offense and defense.
  • Cocoonic Metamorphosis: Malkor can enter a metamorphosis-like state to further maximize his power.
  • Mind Oblivion: Malkor can disintegrate objects by strongly focusing and then releasing his energy upon them.